Intuit ProAdvisor Group New Leadership

Intuit Announces New Leader for the
Global ProAdvisor Program

Earlier this week, Intuit announced that Misty Megia will be taking on the new role as the Global Leader of Intuit’s ProAdvisor program, and I could not be more excited.  You might ask yourself why, this specific promotion stands out among all the leadership changes and the answer is simple, this one addresses the relationship we as accountants and bookkeepers have with Intuit the corporation.

To better understand where my excitement spawns from, I strongly suggest you listen to the episode of  Seth David’s Authentic Accountant featuring Misty. Prior to this interview, I had been familiar with her name and the significant roles she has held within our accounting ecosphere, but after the interview ended, I found myself motivated to learn more about her story from a career in acting to the Head of Accountant Programs and Education Strategy for a little company call T-Sheets.


So how did she journey from a theater major to her current position? It all started as a receptionist for a computer company, and she only lasted one week. As might be expected, the tasks of a newly hired receptionist allowed for a lot of down time, time that Misty put to good use memorizing the company’s product line. While wrangling a phone call for the VP of the company, she was asked to keep the caller on the line till he could take the call, so she put that new knowledge to use. The caller was the CEO of the company, and she was immediately promoted into marketing and sales department.

Time and time again, Misty utilized her thirst for knowledge to excel throughout her various managerial positions all while staying true to her theater beginnings. It was just over 5 years ago that Misty began her connection with the accounting industry as the Executive Director for the Sleeter Group. Since then, Misty actively held community building and education driven positions with as well as T-Sheets. No matter the company, Misty has worked to build culture rich environments focused on success through collaboration.

No stranger to the Intuitsphere, Misty has been involved with QuickBooks Connect since 2013, however. the 2017 acquisition of T-Sheets finally brought Misty officially to Intuit. Since the acquisition, Misty has been leading the charge to grow the Intuit backed T-Sheets footprint throughout the ProAdvisor community by talking with and listening to the needs of all she interacts with.

In life, people often align themselves with people that share the same set of values and beliefs:


Directly from her conversation with Seth, this powerful quote is all the proof I need to trust into the exciting things to come! Misty understands the struggle of the small business owner who yearn for that one day off and she respects the journey that we, as bookkeepers and accountants, accept to balance the needs of our clients and their companies alongside the needs of our own business.


As a software developer (Vendorsync), an accountant (Parkway Business Solutions), and a proud member of the Intuit Community (QBCommunityLive), I wish to welcome Misty into her new role and to offer my assistance and opinion whenever requested. As I always like to say,

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