What is a Web Connect Branding Error with QuickBooks Desktop

Have you ever attempted to import transactions into QuickBooks Desktop only to receive the following message?

Web Connect Branding Error

Unrecognized Bank:


The most common reason QuickBooks users receive this error is due to a bad Intuit Bank ID number (INTU.BID) coded into the file being imported.  When Intuit first started importing transactions into their platforms, they required every financial institution to register their bank.  During the registration process, the financial institution had to purchase a license to be included as a supported bank.   This meant that if the institutions did not purchase the license, they would not be able to import the files unless someone manually modified the file.


Unsupported QuickBooks Version:


When a person purchases a copy of QuickBooks Desktop, that product has a support life of 2.5 years.  This is known as sunsetting a software.  As part of Intuits sunset process, they push a final product update which turns off certain features within the company file, including the bank feed center.


As of May 31st, 2018, all versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2015 have been sunsetted and will no longer allow you to import data into the program.  The features still exist within the software and even allow you to try to import the file, but the import will fail and provide you the branding error.


The only known way to avoid this cut off is to remember to turn off auto-updates before your program is sunsetted. This will stop you from receiving the feature killing update and make it possible to continue to import your transactions.  Sadly, if you have already updated your version of QuickBooks, the only alternative is to completely uninstall QuickBooks from Windows including the registry and reinstall an older version of QuickBooks Prior to patch.

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